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The Savvy Life is a financial education company whose purpose is to provide clients the day-to-day financial education they did not learn from parents or in school.  This education is provided through articles, books, classes, seminars and one-on-one coaching. 
Money Affects Everything
The Savvy Life teaches personal finance from a lifestyle perspective because money affects everything.  It affects where you live, what you eat, what you wear and how you spend your free time.  Effective money management is about so much more than contributing to a retirement account or buying an item on sale. 
The Savvy Life Philosophy
We work with clients to create a strong financial foundation by implementing savvy day-to-day habits and routines.  We then introduce The Savvy Life Philosophy which is to save money in the areas that are not as important to you so you can focus your spending on the areas that are important to you. 

The Savvy Life and Financial Advisors
The Savvy Life teams with financial advisors to offer their clients help plugging financial leaks and streamlining spending through classes, seminars and one-one-one coaching.  One of the main goals of all interaction with advisors’ clients is to find additional money through savvy living to focus on their wealth building and retirement efforts.  
R. Quisol, Financial Advisor
I want to thank you for presenting last week on my telecast.  I can see that your message of getting more from what we have (cashflow) fits well with our financial advisory practices.   You could save our clients more money every year and which means they would be keeping more in their portfolios to grow and hedge against inflation.  I would love to incorporate your services with mine to enhance the overall client experience.  
 Kim Sherman, Bridging The Gap Coaching Client
If you try and spend frugally but don't know where all your money has gone, if you don't have enough money left for groceries and gas at the end of the month, or even if you just want to hone your financial goals and skills to take that much needed vacation, consider purchasing the book, Living the Savvy Life.  For a complete overhaul of your financial situation, The Bridging the Gap Program is well worth every penny.
Melissa Tosetti and her program have changed my life. Though my husband and I bring home enough money each month to take care of our family of five, somehow groceries were always scarce. Our emergency savings account was merely a pipe dream, and our credit card debt was climbing. After all, the dog had to eat and I had no cash in my pocket. I cringed writing checks for random purchases such as buying books at the school book fair; there was never any money in our account to accommodate spur of the moment decisions.
A creature of habit, I dreaded the thought of shopping at deeply discounted stores and constantly clipping coupons to save money and live frugally. Quite the contrary- Melissa's plan harnesses a "savvy" lifestyle, not a "cheap" one. With her relaxed demeanor and common sense guidance, Melissa has encouraged me to make simple changes- changes that have allowed me to have consistent money in the bank for groceries, begin an emergency savings fund, a Christmas Club account, a vacation fund, pay down our debt, and have extra money left over in the checking account for unexpected purchases- all within 2 weeks of beginning her program.
I'm beyond thrilled and am finally sleeping through the night... no more 3am nightmares of how to make it through the end of the month on a consistent diet of noodles and tomato sauce. My family deserves better, and I'm grateful to Melissa for helping me provide that for them; I have an air of confidence knowing that our family's finances are stabilized. I'll be more grateful in December when I have cash to spend on Christmas presents instead of having to whip out the plastic card.
No matter your situation- large or small family, plenty of finances to work with or a shoestring budget, Melissa can help. Finances spiral so quickly out of control. Take that first step today- contact Melissa and gain permanent control of the way you live your life- make yours a "savvy" life.  
Tami Anderson, Bridging The Gap Coaching Client
I reconnected with Melissa earlier this year because I needed a great sounding board to check in on my financial strategy.  Investment advisors give you one piece of the puzzle but I wanted someone to look at the whole picture in the context of my life priorities and goals and let me know where I was tracking well and where I could make changes that would help me better achieve both short and long-term goals.  Melissa was incredibly knowledgeable gave concrete recommendations and, most importantly, kept my goals in mind vs. just one-size-fits all advice.  The investment was well worth it and I plan to check in with Melissa as my circumstances evolve and change to make sure I am still on track.
Restaurants & Grocery Stores PDF Print E-mail

Want to know grocery store's busiest days of the week in order to avoid them?

Want to know which day restaurants "clean out the fridge" so you can eat at home? put together a fascinating article filled with statistics around grocery stores and restaurants.  

For example, did you know that on average, one-in-five meals consumed by Americans is from a restaurant?  Or, that American men between the ages of 18-34 eat out at least six times a week? 

To read the article visit

Webinar: Savvy Holidays PDF Print E-mail
Friday, September 11, 2015
12:00 - 1:00 pm PST
In this online webinar, Melissa Tosetti, founder of The Savvy Life, will teach you how to take the stress out of the holidays and turn them into something you enjoy with these time and money savings tips: 
  • The rule of thumb for holiday shopping.
  • How enjoying the holidays starts with managing your calendar.
  • Learn the power of when and how to say no.
  • Systems for saving 20% - 80% on almost all your holiday gifts as well as strategies for making shopping easier.
  • Alternative gift ideas.
  • How to save time as well as money preparing for those holiday meals. 
The Savvy Holidays webinar is sponsored By: Emilie R. Goldman, CFA, CFP® of Tamarind Financial Planning
 To register for this free event click here.


The Black Hole of Anti-Aging Products PDF Print E-mail

By Suzanne Haze

In France, as a rite of passage, a mother takes her daughter to an esthetician when she reaches a certain age. The esthetician will teach the young girl how to properly care for and maintain her skin. As the girl matures, she will continue seeing an esthetician on a regular basis, ensuring that her skin is kept as healthy as possible.
In the U.S., skin care is not the coveted ritual that it is in European countries. Makeup is indulged and revered. The unfortunate side effect of this American phenomenon is that improperly cared for skin ages more quickly. Too young, American women go from not caring about their skin to obsessing about it as they frantically throw money at anti-aging remedies. 
Allure Magazine recently posted a common sense guide to skin care titled The 10 Commandments of Anti-Aging.  What I like best about the article is that there's just one product type they recommend.  The rest of the tips cost nothing at all. 
Photo from

The Permanent Vacation PDF Print E-mail



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