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Take Your Lunch Tuesdays PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti
Of course you already know you can save money by taking our lunch to work.  In fact, you know you can save A LOT of money, but you still haven't done it.  

When it comes to the Take Your Lunch To Work Habit, we often think that it has to be all or nothing.  We think we have to it every day to be effective.  Any time you set yourself up for an all or nothing situation, your results are likely to be nothing.  

Instead of getting into the mindset that you have to do it every day, start by brown bagging it just once a week.  I'm a massive fan of baby steps and in my own experience and that of my clients’, baby steps are the best way to achieve your goals.

To help you jumpstart your habit, I’d like to introduce Take Your Lunch Tuesdays.  Starting tomorrow, Tuesdays are now the official days to take your lunch to work.

If you’re worried about missing out on social time with your coworkers, invite them to join you.  Tomorrow, instead of wasting 20 minutes driving to that deli and then standing in line waiting for your order, you can walk outside together, find a shady spot and immediately enjoy a lunch time picnic. 

We want to hear about your experience!  Use the hashtag #TakeYourLunchTuesdays on your favorite social media site to tell us what you brown bagged!  Pictures of your lunch are even better!
Beyond Egg Salad & Matzo Ball Soup PDF Print E-mail

By Melissa Tosetti

I don't know about you, but I have a dozen hard-boiled Easter eggs in my refrigerator waiting to be reincarnated into egg salad sandwiches - one of my family's favorite meals. 
However, if you're looking for ideas beyond deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches, check this out: Recipes for Leftover Hard Boiled Eggs
If you're more worried about what to do with that leftover ham, try a few of these ideas: Ham Leftovers
As for those Passover leftovers, check out: Passover Leftovers Recipes.
By implementing your holiday leftovers into this week's meals, you can greatly reduce your grocery bill and focus that savings on something much more fun than groceries. 

Photo from Delish.com


Groceries To Buy This Week PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti
With Passover beginning this week and Easter on Sunday, grocery stores are offering fantastic sales for those celebratory meals. Items to keep an eye out for include:
  • Ham – Pick up an extra one and throw it in your freezer. Defrost it in July for ham sandwiches, Denver omelets and more.
  • Baking Items – You likely won’t find better prices on baking items until Thanksgiving so stock up! 
  • Butter - Butter freezes well so don't worry about it spoiling.
  • Canned Vegetables - Just remember to only buy what you'll use.
  • Soda - Because soda companies will take advantage of any opportunity to promote their products.
  • Wine - It's possible your favorite bottles will be on sale.  It's worth taking a look.
By the way, if you're dyeing Easter eggs this weekend, you may want to pick up your egg dye sooner rather than later.  I tried to pick up a box on Sunday but our Safeway was already sold out.  Tried our Target on Monday and they were sold out too.  Paul was finally able to get a box at CVS today. 


Grocery Delivery - Worth It? PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti
One of the key habits of Savvy Living is getting to the grocery store on a weekly basis. 
But what if you're schedule is so irregular that it's impossible to put on your calendar, or you absolutely hate going to the grocery store?  If either scenario applies to you, it may be worth  having your groceries delivered. 
Two years ago I worked with a wonderful family who was spending $1,500 a month on food, between groceries and dining out.  As a whole, the family was incredibly busy and more often than not, they found themselves getting take out and not really enjoying those meals.  On top of their schedule, the issue with the grocery store was that the mom absolutely hated going. She had no strategy while she was there and would get overwhelmed by the process.
In their case, it was well worth the $17 fee to have their groceries delivered. 
But, before they just started buying a bunch of groceries online, it was crucial to give them a strategy.  That strategy started with the mom taking her laptop into the kitchen every Thursday night.  Her three children would then help her inventory their grocery staples.  She made a list of everything that needed to be replenished.  The family then decided what 3 - 4 dinners (planning for leftovers) they would like to have the following week.  She included the ingredients she would need for those meals on her list.  She would then place her order that night and on Saturday morning, the groceries would be delivered. 
This simple habit, that took 10 - 15 minutes on a Thursday night, ended up saving them $700 a month!  In their case, the delivery fee more than paid for itself.  It not only saved them money, but it saved them hours in their week of multiple trips to the grocery store for forgotten items as well as standing in line for take out.
This morning I ran across an article on the Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping.  Written by Lisa Aberle, it's an interesting perspective as she lives 28 miles from the nearest grocery store and doesn't have the advantage of online grocery shopping from a local store.  She experimented with Amazon Prime and came to her own conclusions about the resource.  The article is worth reading as are the 39+ comments left by her readers. 
It's Time For A Pantry Challenge PDF Print E-mail

Traditionally, the Super Bowl is the last of the big winter parties.  That makes today the perfect day to start a Pantry Challenge.  

By taking on the Pantry Challenge, you see how long you can eat using only the food you already have in your kitchen - with the exception of purchasing fresh products like milk, eggs and produce. 
The Pantry Challenge, which we do quarterly, was started as a way to encourage you to rotate through everything in your pantry and freezer within a three month period. The food in your kitchen should be consumed. Often, we get into the mode that a well-stocked pantry needs to be static. If you see an item sitting there for three months, either eat it or donate it to a shelter and don’t buy it again.

In addition to saving money, an added benefit of the pantry challenge is that it forces you to get creative. You’ll look at canned soup and dried pasta a little differently as you figure out how to make a meal from what you have on hand. Over the years I’ve received feedback from readers who have come up with new family favorites based on the need to get imaginative during the Challenge.

The longest any Savvy Life reader has gone without having to buy groceries (outside of milk, eggs and fresh produce) was three months!
Let me know how your Pantry Challenge goes. Drop me an email at 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Note: The Challenge does not include the food in your emergency kit. You should always have enough non-perishable food and water set aside to sustain you for 3 – 7 days. Keep your emergency food and water supply in a waterproof bin along with your other emergency items.

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