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By Melissa Tosetti

When an item goes on sale at the grocery store, our primal money saving instinct kicks in and we get an overwhelming desire to “stock up”. This unfortunate instinct is what creates the syndrome of having 30 cans of corn collecting dust in our pantry.

Keep in mind that most items go on sale on a six week cycle.  Unless something is offered at an extraordinarily great price, pick up only what you need for the next six weeks. Sales can lure us into overbuying.  Remember: your pantry is inventory.  If your inventory isn’t moving, then it's money sitting on your shelf.

One of the best ways to figure out the difference between regular prices, sale prices and really good sale prices is to create a Price Book. Keep the average prices and the sale prices of your regularly purchased items there, so you know when a sale is a true deal.  Include the “per unit” price as well, so you can more easily compare different sized containers.  This is especially useful when comparing between big-box stores and regular grocery stores.

The other day I was at our local Safeway and saw that Gatorade was on sale for the unbelievable price of $.49 per bottle when the usual sale price is $1.25.  Although we may only drink one bottle of Gatorade a week, I walked out the door with 10 bottles.  I doubt I will see it on sale for that great of a price again.

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